Pay as you drive

Pay as you drive

If you can prove your monthly income, follow these four easy steps and you could be driving away in your new car, even if you fall into one of these categories below:

  • CCJ'S


STEP 2 - Speak to an advisor and get a credit limit

STEP 3 - Chose your car

STEP 4 - Sign the forms and drive away

The recent downturn has had a visible effect on individuals and businesses alike. Banks and building societies have been reluctant to lend the money which is vital to keep business moving. This has meant that, in order to survive, finance companies have had to become creative in the way they provide finance, and there is no better example of this than Pay As You drive Car Finance.

Pay As You drive Car Finance is ideal for those people who have problems obtaining credit. Nowadays, that could apply to virtually anyone, as the criteria for obtaining credit have tightened. However, some people have been hit harder than others, as the global financial downturn impacted on their lives. There would have been a time, not too long ago, when you would have been refused credit if you had a CCJ or a bad credit history.

The Pay As You drive Car Finance system works by using technology to allow you to cover your monthly payments. Once the finance has been agreed, you choose your vehicle. Before you take delivery, the vehicle will be fitted with a box and, using a swipe card, a monthly activation code is sent, which allows you to drive the car for a further month. Pay As You drive Car Finance is a simple but effective way of buying your new car.

While traditional lenders have restricted the amount of money they lend, and even then, only lending to people who fit strict lending criteria, the market for their services has moved elsewhere, to companies who are determined to provide the sort of service the high street banks and building societies should be.

If you feel you would be interested in Pay As You drive Car Finance, simply fill in the online application. Pay As You drive car finance take all the worry out of applying for car finance. They are aware of the negative impact the recent recessions have had on income and expenditure. The benefit to customers is that they can become the owners of a new vehicle in circumstances in which that may not have been possible once.

Don't underestimate how powerful this new approach is. As well as CCJs and poor credit history, you may want to take advantage of Pay as You drive Finance if you work part-time or are retired. Whether you are self-employed, bankrupt or on benefits, Pay As You drive Car finance can help in these situations where others may not. Rather than spending time trying to find a finance provider who will struggle to provide finance for you, why not go straight to a trusted source? Pay As You drive car finance are experts in providing loans for people who have been refused elsewhere. No need to take no for an answer.

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